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headscale is an open source, self-hosted implementation of the Tailscale control server.

This page contains the documentation for the latest version of headscale. Please also check our FAQ.

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Design goal

Headscale aims to implement a self-hosted, open source alternative to the Tailscale control server. Headscale's goal is to provide self-hosters and hobbyists with an open-source server they can use for their projects and labs. It implements a narrower scope, a single Tailnet, suitable for a personal use, or a small open-source organisation.

Supporting headscale

If you like headscale and find it useful, there is a sponsorship and donation buttons available in the repo.


Headscale is "Open Source, acknowledged contribution", this means that any contribution will have to be discussed with the Maintainers before being submitted.

This model has been chosen to reduce the risk of burnout by limiting the maintenance overhead of reviewing and validating third-party code.

Headscale is open to code contributions for bug fixes without discussion.

If you find mistakes in the documentation, please submit a fix to the documentation.


headscale is maintained by Kristoffer Dalby and Juan Font.